Our custom-designed invitations are specifically made to suit (or compliment) your style of occasion. It is best to visit our studio, see our samples, and then together we can create something you will love. Colours, styles, designs, even laser cutting can be custom-made. It is important to know what colours you will be using on your wedding day as well as the style direction you would like to go with – this way we can see your vision and make it come to life specially for you.

What is the difference between custom designs and online shop designs?
Our custom-designed invitations are made specifically for you. The font, colour, texture, imagery, format or laser cutting can all be changed to your liking. We can mix designs, change designs, or even recreate designs!

Online shop invitations are set designs. No font or design changes can be made. These invitations are, however, quicker to produce. They are ideal if you are pressed for time or simply want to get married as soon as possible.

Invitation wording
It is important to check your wording and make sure all spelling is correct. Are your names spelt correctly and are the details on the invitation correct?

Wording to consider:

There are a few wording options that you can consider for your wedding invitation. For wording options please click on the following links: