Stationery is a phrase used for all the paper items needed for your wedding day or event. We can assist with the order of services/programs, menus, table seating, name/place cards, table numbers, guestbooks, cake toppers, direction signs – whatever you can think of! These items help to tie your wedding style together by adding detail and that unique finishing touch to your special day.

Order of Service

The order of service is an outline for your wedding ceremony.  There is no standard format, each couple can customize the program to their needs. It can include any of the following:

– Couple’s names, wedding date and time.

– Titles of music, hymn wording and readings.

– Acknowledgment of minister

– Parent’s names

– List the bridal party

– Short summary of the order of ceremony

– Short announcement of proceedings directly after ceremony.


The menu can be displayed per person, couple or table alternatively one large menu can be placed by the buffet or somewhere easily visible.

It is always recommended to have a menu at your wedding so that guests with allergies can see what food to avoid.

Table seating

This is a chart, usually displayed by the entrance of the reception, indicating at which table each guest is seated.

Place cards

These are individual cards at each table assigning a certain seat to each guest.

This ensures that couples do not get split up and also allows you to seat “that  odd couple” together with guests who has similar interest and ensure flow of conversation.

Table numbers

These can also be table names if you prefer. This identifies each table to your guests who is sitting at specific tables.

Thank you tag

These are small cards that is tied around (or stuck on to) your guest favors with a short thank you message.

Doing this personalizes your gift, rounds it off as well as identifying to your guests that this is something that they can take home.


The traditional guestbook will be a book where all your guests write congratulatory messages in.

There are many more ways how you can document all of your guests that were at your wedding – fingerprint canvas, frame with wooden hearts, birthday calendar etc.

Thank you cards

These are cards that you send out after the wedding thanking guests for attending your special day as well as thanking them for their generous gift or monetary contribution.