Social Media


It is very important to have a social media presence, especially one which is interesting and engaging. Not everyone has the time to focus on social media and consistency is key. This is why we are here to manage your social media platforms for you so that you can focus on your business. Our goal is to grow your audience and generate more leads.

We will need to have a meeting to discuss your business and determine who your target audience is. Who do you want to engage with? Who is your ideal client?

We will then create your social media content based on the monthly plan you have selected. We design a look and feel for your profile which will represent your brand and will give you a strong social media presence. Our plans include a content creation photoshoot so that we can generate high quality content.

We will then plan your monthly social media based on the relevant target audience and content created. As well as any specials or marketing ideas discussed.

Once the social media content and layout for the month has been approved, we will then schedule your posts, stories and reels based on high performance times so that you can generate the most engagement.

A monthly report is submitted so that you can view and evaluate the growth of your monthly social media.